Upcoming Retreats & Events

Mindful Earth offers a variety of multi day retreats; participants journey through a holistic live-in program of yoga, organic farming, sustainable lifestyles, nature adventure and living a life on point with direction and purpose.

Our mission is to inspire connection to self, others and the planet, by practicing and teaching a more simplistic, inspired, regenerative way of living. Co-creation and participation in these multi day retreats and trainings enable skill sharing in an inspirational community focused environment, where earth care and people care are at the centre of all we do.

Visionary in earth care and people care, we inspire people to connect with their lifes purpose, and live in a way that take people planet and community beyond sustainability and into inspirational regeneration

Upcoming Retreats and Events
Green:Thumb Organics - Masterclass - How to grow your Garden
Facilitated By Mark Tupman From Productive Ecology
1st -3rd of October 2021 @ The Mindful Earth Farm
Immerse yourself in this 2 day hands-on organic gardening masterclass facilitated by Mark Tupman and enjoy mindfulness practices, camp-fires and glamping under the stars on the beautiful lands of the Mindful Earth Farm and Retreat Centre. Mark is an expert in his field and is sharing his knowledge gained over two decades of experience, active in the fields of organic/biodynamic production, permaculture, sustainability, agro-ecology and holistic management.
He has set up and co-ordinated VET horticulture (organic production) programs at a number of campuses, been involved in a mix of research, community and enterprise projects throughout Western Australia and in between times managed an orchard, livestock and food gardens on his own property.
In 2015 he formed Productive Ecology, a consultancy and education business that specialises in the establishment of integrated living production systems.
Most recently he has also taken on the role of horticulture project manager at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage development.

 Manifesting a New Earth - 15th to 17th October
Countless before us have contributed to the raising of humanities consciousness, lets continue the journey, coming together for a weekend to emulate what a New Earth is.  Let create and manifest its reality. :-) 
Mindful Earth Silent Meditation Retreat 
3rd -5th of September 2021 @ Mindful Earth Retreat Centre 
Make sure not to miss this beautiful opportunity to experience our Silent Meditation Retreat facilitated by Adrian Kemp. With over 15 years of daily practice including 8 years as a Buddhist monk Adrien shares his insights and guides you with great passion through these days of noble silence. In this Intimate Retreat, we will explore silent meditation without strict guidelines or a feeling of tightness. Providing a safe space where you can ease into the practice and explore the here & now along with all that wants to unfold once it has been allowed to, whilst being immersed in the midst of the Boranup forest.
There is not much to do, this is the point. We create space to focus on the essential things in life. Taking great care in being careful.
Eat, sleep, meditate, move and be in nature. It's simple.
Find out more and buy Tickets here: https://mindfulearth.earth/products/silent-retreat-ticket
July  2021
24th to 26th July 2021 - Mindful Earth - Adventure Retreat (date change due to Covid uncertainty from 4-6th July)
11th- 14th of June 2021 - Mindful Campout #2
As winter approaches and the nights grow longer we gather around the warm campfire to shine a light and celebrate our connection to nature, to our selves and each other.
18th to 20th June 2021 - Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement
May 2021
 20th -25th of May 2021 - Building Community - Raise The Roof Weekend
From Thursday the 20th - Tuesday the 25th we are opening the Farms Gates for all creation rebels looking to get together for fun filled 5 days.
We will gather as a community to raise the roof of our beautiful Camp kitchen, participation will be free, vegan food will be provided and cooked collectively, fires are waiting to be lit and sat around and we will heat up the sweat lodge and a couple of other fun activities to celebrate our achievements and enjoy communal creation.
Lets get together, inspire each other, learn and teach, create and share.
* Family Friendly Event
*Accomodation will be camping on the beautiful farm grounds about 25 minutes south of Margaret River.

29th to 31st May 2021 - Mindful Earth - Adventure” retreat
Mindful Earth Adventure retreat
 7-8 May 2021 - Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement
Meditation mindfulness movement
28-29 November 2020 — Craft and Connection - Macrame and Self Care
Create your own macrame art piece while connecting back to yourself, nature & community. Move your body with yoga. Spark your creativity & recharge.
21-22 November 2020 — Journey to the Soul - Reclaim your Inner Light 
Join us for a beautiful over night stay with workshops designed to release stress,reconnect, re-energize  & reinvigorate your system. We have a special guest Sheleah of Harmonic Radiance bringing a  powerful sound journey with gong and much more energy clearing and re-alignment. Shei your host will guide a Yoga & Dance Flow Journey and an Art oracle journey. Healthy Organic food made with love will be served during the retreat and of course good company and joy to be shared.
23rd - 25th October 2020 -- SACRED FEMINE
Come Alive into your Feminine Power, experience MAGIC through Sacred Rituals and Ground in NATURE, as you fill your days with YOGA, meditation, CONSCIOUS WOMEN’S COMMUNITY and awe inspiring connection!

Join the 2 nights SACRED FEMININE RETREAT as we weave the femine, sound, music, yoga and nature together in an unforgettable journey!