Upcoming Retreats & Events

Mindful Earth offers a variety of multi day retreats; participants journey through a holistic live-in program of yoga, organic farming, sustainable lifestyles, nature adventure and living a life on point with direction and purpose.

Our mission is to inspire connection to self, others and the planet, by practicing and teaching a more simplistic, inspired, regenerative way of living. Co-creation and participation in these multi day retreats and trainings enable skill sharing in an inspirational community focused environment, where earth care and people care are at the centre of all we do.

Visionary in earth care and people care, we inspire people to connect with their lifes purpose, and live in a way that take people planet and community beyond sustainability and into inspirational regeneration

Upcoming Retreats and Events

April 2021

24th to 25th April - Mindful Campout - A day and night of festivities.

May 2021

1st to 3rd May 2021 - Mindful Earth - Adventure” retreat

Mindful Earth Adventure retreat

 7-8 May 2021 - Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement

Meditation mindfulness movement


23 May to 25th May 2021 - Nuturing Motherhood






28-29 November 2020 — Craft and Connection - Macrame and Self Care
Create your own macrame art piece while connecting back to yourself, nature & community. Move your body with yoga. Spark your creativity & recharge.


21-22 November 2020 — Journey to the Soul - Reclaim your Inner Light 

Join us for a beautiful over night stay with workshops designed to release stress,reconnect, re-energize  & reinvigorate your system. We have a special guest Sheleah of Harmonic Radiance bringing a  powerful sound journey with gong and much more energy clearing and re-alignment. Shei your host will guide a Yoga & Dance Flow Journey and an Art oracle journey. Healthy Organic food made with love will be served during the retreat and of course good company and joy to be shared.




23rd - 25th October 2020 -- SACRED FEMINE

Come Alive into your Feminine Power, experience MAGIC through Sacred Rituals and Ground in NATURE, as you fill your days with YOGA, meditation, CONSCIOUS WOMEN’S COMMUNITY and awe inspiring connection!

Join the 2 nights SACRED FEMININE RETREAT as we weave the femine, sound, music, yoga and nature together in an unforgettable journey!