The ME Sanctuary is home to an amazing group of travellers from all over the world, along with Aussies travelling Australia and  Aussies coming from Perth and the surrounding area.  We host all people and all ages.   

Here are a few testimonials we have received from the ME Gypsies who have come and stayed with us, who have used the space to meet family and friend, to rest, to heal, to celebrate and to create.

If you have a testimonial to add to the page, either as text or a video clip, we can get you up online.  Testimonials must be the most powerful way to share what ME Sanctuary is all about, who we have been and who we are becoming.  Its a very exciting journey, an important journey as Creative Community is an essential component of how we live in the future, how we live in the NEW Earth.

Josh Davey

So I lived at the Mindful Earth Community / Sanctuary for just over 4 months from the end of last year to the start of this year.
My honest opinion...
It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!
The essence of community living was vibrant and lush, an experience I had never but always wanted to experience and I'm glad it was at Mindful Earth.
Yeah things weren't perfect all the time but the imperfections is what made it just as amazing.
Remember or at least look around you. The essence of Community has been slowly stripped away from us through time. Whether it be on purpose to keep us isolated and disconnected or by fate we need to reconnect again and remember what it is to be in community. Connected to the ones who live around you and the ones you love. To work together!!
Highlights for me at ME
From community meetings of over 50+ volunteers and visitors at a time, communing on the future of this amazing reality we had created and are co creating for ourselves, to the excitement from all the faces discussing future plans to thrive together and the endless creative ideas being the for front of discussion.
From community dinners of over 50+ people many times coming together to bring either food, hands of service, smiles, cooking styles from all around the world. The love and willingness to contribute like everyone else in some way shape or form was all the ingredients needed to fill our souls as well as our bellies.
This seems quite difficult in theory feeding over 50+ people almost daily but believe me it happened and it worked well. It was the work of many hands making light work. The power of COMMUNITY!
From the gratitude and prays before these special gatherings to sharing the delicious food, laughs and hugs that followed.
To the life long friends and connections I've created with many people I met at mindful that will be with me forever ❤
From the amazing gatherings to the dress up parties we had throughout last summer.
To one of my strongest highlights.
THE HEALING, I witnessed through myself and many others, through living in community with beautiful folk from all over the world.
you couldn't try purchase this from any pharmacy or doctor or therapist. It's a different type of healing. From what I am aware this healing resonates from an understanding you are not alone, being showered by support and understanding that surrounds you in loving numbers to sometimes a point where nothing needs to be said to heal. It's the people, the journey, the community, the energy together that ripples out this healing vibration. It's comes from within by looking out and it comes from looking out which heals within. This was my biggest highlight and I intend to keep this flow and healing going as the world is in need of it now more than ever.
I could go on but I won't make it a novel. You will all have to witness this amazing space for yourselves whenever the calling comes from within, and when that Calling comes you will be forever grateful you decided to visit this amazing place.
Thankyou Mindful Earth for changing my life 🌎
Yanyi Liu
I stayed in ME for five months,this magical land is my HOME in Australia.  A home form with soul family, a home with unlimited creativity, a home with fully acceptance and support,a home with enormous love and unity. ME always holding a space (with all kinds of workshops/retreats/gatherings ect.) for people to connect, to reflect,to share, to give, to receive, to heal, to celebrate, to have fun, to love and be loved. And the man behind ME - Boh is one of the most kind and open human being that i ever met, he open his arm and his heart to everyone who come across ME. He always assumed the best intention of everyone, he doesn’t care where are you from, what are you going through, he welcome everyone with his Fully trust! In ME, you will see people that are come from all over the World. different skins, different backgrounds, but same essence which is to love and be loved.  All Boh wants to do is building a conscious community, a new earth, a better place for human fellow come together. He chose to stand up,he chose this courageous path. and I have so much respect with his braveness and chasing his dream! Along the journey, ME could make some “mistakes” Such as,not mindful enough to the neighbours when we are celebrating life, which ME are paying the price now dealing with council, facing the possibility to be shut down. But ME learnt from the experience, ME is trying to manage the balance between manifest the dream and play the rules. ME adjust bit by bit to show what it truly are, what it want to create in this world. I am calling people being more compassionate, patient, and supportive with a young promising community. ME is not a party place,a hippie community. It really is an example what we deserve to live in this life journey on Earth. I personally grew so much during the time I stayed there, I stepped into my truth and power, being authentic and creative, finding my life purpose. I also witnessed so many brothers and sisters grew and transformed because of ME experience. This is the value ME can offer, to be continue ME’s Purpose, we need your support, please help ME going through this tough time if you can 🙏
With deep gratitude, Yan
Susanna de la Rossa
I, like many others, had nowhere else to go due to circumstances. Eviction and an increasing rental crisis, unaffordable housing, and other external factors can leave people with no choice but to camp or sleep in parks in town. I'm so happy I had a place to go that welcomed me with open arms. Community support and loving and caring people to talk to helped get me through this rough time. Daily warm meals nourished me. Through Mindful Earth I found work again and we were able to contribute to the region's agricultural industry with a large group of workers. I honestly don't know where I would be now without this place. This sanctuary has helped many others get back on their feet and come out stronger. With a focus on more healing workshops such as Home Life Gathering and community events like the Freedom Markets instead of doofs I truly hope the council can eventually see the benefits of ME. It might take some time but I believe in a healthy relationship between ME and the Shire. Much love 🧡💛💚
Moon Bidd
My name is Matthew (MOON) Biddiscombe
I am a 39-year-old male retired slaughterman and aspiring freelance diploma of graphic design student. Before discovering the ME (Mindful Earth) sanctuary, I was struggling within myself. I have been searching for a sense of home for many years now and I have been losing an ongoing battle with a debilitating mental illness known as bi-polar.

My first spiritual journey began upon meeting Boh and the Mindful Earth crew, they opened my heart, mind, body and soul. They have given me the support I have desperately needed and given me a sense of purpose.

This healing treatment allowed me to let go of massive amounts of grief and pain. This particular pain had been built up over the years in my core. I have lost most of my family through death and separation so taking this huge step was a pivotal and most important step in my discovery of my true self.
Through mutual friends, support, new contacts, a new home and a sense of family Mindful Earth Farm has set me up on a path in my life I never new was possible. I am now sleeping, eating and functioning at the best I have been in over twenty years.
I am excited for the future growth of this wonderful community and I would highly recommend mindful earths services to all people who are lost, searching or just need some healing in their lives.
Alan Adnan
My pain and anxiety have been healed, and my life itself completely changed through the vision and hard work that Boh has put into creating his dream; a like minded community of free spirits living on the land, and sharing love laughter and happiness, and the odd meal too.

My deepest gratitude to all the beautiful women who have also been drawn to this alternative way of living, without these angels, mindful earth would never have really been special. And to all the lovely girls, thank you for taking me out of the deepest depression with just the flick of your hair