Sister Projects


EarthShip Patagonia

An Eco Lodge in Patagonia, in the Argentine Andes. Bringing Earthship Architect Micheal Reynolds from the US and 10 of his crew to a remote village in Patagonia to teach a month long natural building workshop. The Earthship now runs as an Eco Lodge and Education Centre. With accomodation for 30 people, the Earthship hosts travellers, school groups, retreat programs and workshops. Allowing participants the live in experience of next level sustainability. The Earthship building itself is a passive solar designed building, using the suns energy to heat and cool itself, it recycles grey water, has on site sewage treatment, uses solar energy, harvests rainwater, and is surrounded by abundant vegetable gardens from which the meals are cooked. Other alternative buildings, straw bale kitchen, tipis and yurts make up the Eco Lodge! Plan a trip when you can! Or contact Taryn or the team at Earthship Patagonia about taking your retreat there.

Kite Boarding Asia

South East Asias largest kiteboarding school was hatched and founded while in Huahin beach in Thailand more than 20 years ago. Opening the kiteboarding scene in Asia, these guys searched the best locations, putting the spots on the map and founded 3 schools in 3 years.  Passion for all things flying remains strong, and is part of the beauty of this region - having kited all over the world, Augusta and the south west is rated as one of the worlds best spots. We’ll be adding Kiting retreats to the menu here at Mindful Earth as we get out to play, and enjoy the boundless elemental beauty this region has to offer.


Fruit Vans Fruit Trucks!

A social enterprise located in NZ. Sourcing produce from local farms, we pile all farm fresh fruit and veggies into around 15 vans and take them all out over the big city of Auckland. Farm Fresh Goodness straight to the city folk! It run a bit deeper than that, the whole enterprise is located on a 2 hectare farm, is run by a team of about 30 people, and is zero food waste! All the unsold produce is donated, made into preserves, or is composted on the farm itself. Not one single piece of produce doesn’t find its way back to the soil!


Fat Cat Travellers Community

Think Eco-Festival, think guest house, then think travellers community. This guesthouse caters for backpackers and runs on so many eco principals its hard to name them all. Chickens, veggie gardens, recycling, composting, shared plant based meals, resources sharing, skill sharing workshops, community, eco building. If your an ecological minded backpacker in NZ, wanting an eco festival experience, put Fat Cat on your list :)