Ready to Create Greatness

Earth Care - we strive to have a regenerative impact on the earth, restoring balance and reciprocity. Growing more food, using less water, harnessing renewable energy, acting and thinking local. We want to reestablish our connection and communication with the earth. Tapping into her presence for awe and inspiration

People Care -  We are welcoming, inclusive and friendly. We are positive, entrepreneurial and act to inspire. We care, and we uplift each other and ourselves

Community Driven: We consciously create community and connection. We seek to share skills empowering personal and community change and regenerative living.

With these guiding principles, we have a long list of projects!


- Native Tree planting wind breaks along property boundaries.  The SW of WA is a windy place at times, to protect the market gardens, orchards and crops along with creating areas of micro climates.

- Re-planting native bushland / permaculture forests for increasing bioversity and animal forest corridors.

- Agroforestry, planting hardwood timbers for future building projects and generating income.

- Regenerating the soils

- Building a number of dams / soaks to provide water we will need for current and future projects.

Our first steps, have been to begin the planting of wind breaks, allowing pastured grasses to grow (minimising heavy herd grazing), planting cover crop to increase the biodiversity of grasses on the property. 

Currently we are planning the extension of our market garden and vegetable planting for this season, working on our pastured egg business, recruiting interns, and setting up for retreats! Join us as an intern, on one of our retreats or trainings - we can not wait!