Project Possible

Project Possible - New Earth Community - Guiding Through Example 

Dream big...   That is what we must do, without fear, without restrictions, expanding our horizons to accommodate the infinite possibilities of this existence and changing our world for the better. 

 Our Objective:

At Mindful Earth Sanctuary we are creating a creative community that is built on trust, freedom, and love. We want to demonstrate the change we wish for the future and bring the human experience back to the forefront. 

Our objective is to build the foundation on which our New Earth will be designed.

That which will enable our community to build on our beliefs of existing in a self-sufficient environment created within joy, bliss, and harmony.

To build a Spaces for humans to commune, celebrate and connect.  Where we bring 

So, let's broadcast our journey to the world!

We can show the world what living in a New Earth community is like. 

What it is about and what we are about.

Teach others how they can create their own community.  Their own tribe.

Their own piece of heaven.

Steps to achieve our goal 

Step 1, live stream podcast, at the Light house table in the Barn.

Live streaming around the Lighthouse table will capture all the amazing conversations of the peoples living and visiting ME Sanctuary.  It will be recording and uploading live, so conversations with be as free and flowing as possible.

Step 2. expand to other areas of Sanctuary for broadcasting, select events, activities, eg working in the garden, yoga class, horse riding etc.

Step 3.  Go to crowd funding to raise funds for expanding ME Sanctuary, including building materials, consultant payment, council regulations, to broadcast, for support of living costs of community.

 Step 4.  Locate the crew and the Gypsies to make it happen.  Prepare for lift off,  begin filming and planning the new buildings, new spaces, venues, council management, people management, implement systems for running a growing organism.


How we create the broadcast, how we capture the content will be up to the experts. Some ideas

  • Live stream to the internet
  • Each person has a camera positioned on their body to capture daily activities.
  • Live stream to the internet allows for live stream and audience to choose which camera they would like to view.  
  • All is live streamed, the audience chooses the camera they would like to view from an internet site dedicated to the ME Sanctuary.
  • Permanent cameras are also in place
  • Broadcast team prepare a weekly show based on all the footage for the week
  • Utilize all internet sites to distribute to media or find sponsorship and broadcast only from that site.

How to get involved.

Be part of the ME Family @ ME Sanctuary

We dream the Sanctuary to be a hub for knowledge and wisdom transfer, a place where we support and grow together, where all ages, and types of people come together because each is unique, with that uniqueness 

Be part of the ME Family, the ME Tribe, live at ME and contribute your passions and skills to growing ME Sanctuary into everything we dream. Participate in building amazing spaces, gardening, marketing, events, construction, legal, farming, media, marketing, holistic modalities, so many possibilities.

We have created an organisation structure that we propose to manage the communities.

We the following circles (groups that Gypsies can participate in, these are usually in the place where their passions exist),

  • Beautifying, Media, Gardening, Financial, Legal, Utilities and building, Daily duties, Security, Planning

Be a ME Ambassador - Find the Financial backing 

Assist with finding the financial backing to support the project. We will need finances for 

  • Support the Gypsies living at ME
  • Finances for broadcast equipment
  • Finances for building projects, accommodation, improvement projects, funds for making the community flourish and thrive.

We have set up a Patreon Page to receive donations, also any materials are appreciated.

Build the broadcast team

  • Locate / create the team who captures and spreads the message to the world.
  • Let’s be the change that we have all dreamt about.

Equipment currently identified

-Insta 360 or the like cameras for the live streaming and video / audio capture.

  • 50 Cameras set up in different locations on property. Remote control 
  • Star link equipment to allow streaming.
  • Live stream Video processing equipment
  • Facilities for processing (Farm House)

Possible sponsors

  • Elon
    • Starlink live streaming, a great way for starlink to advertise the effectiveness of their network.
  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Mr Beast
  • Angel investors who see the vision
  • Gaia TV

How do we get in contact with these peeps’

  • Emails
  • Viral campaign
  • Phone call
  • Personal contacts
  • Go fund site - Patreon, set up with details looking for funds for the project.
  • Live Stream

We utilize the marketing power of the show to source sponsors and equipment, this ranges from podcast gear, live stream gear, building materials and specialists, everything we need is manifested.

  • Livestream - can they help, with a system that can live stream over 60 cameras
  • Podcast gear - 
  • Help by sharing this post, we just never know who may be able to help. We need many skills that people can make this happen.

Our CV, 

As Elon Musk says when hiring a person, it’s not the CV it’s what they have achieved.  ME Sanctuary has achieved many beautiful experiences, we have celebrated, we have rested and healed many people. We have the runs on the board already, its just locating the right people to drive this vision into the future.

 We have documented our journey on 

IG - mindfulearthmargaretriver

IG -

FB - Mindful Earth Sanctuary

Tik Toc - Mindfulearth Sanctuary

Youtube - Mindfulearth Sanctuary

We have had a documentary maker, Nils, filming for the last 3 month, documenting all the amazing events and people. He is now editing and plans to release the doco soon.

We have had around 2-3000 people visit the Sanctuary over the last 6 months.  

These Gypsies are now spread all over the world. They know people and they know how to make life happen; we utilise them to make project possible.  Let’s call on those who want to be involved and get them playing for us.

Lets go for it.