We have plans a number of farming enterprises for our farm.  This includes operating a pastured egg business, we are currently waiting on approvals from the council. Once received, we can then move toward building and sourcing the required equipment and birds. 

A chicken caravan is just that, its their mobile home, their caravan where they sleep at night, and lay their eggs; as soon as the sun is up, the doors are open and the chicken roam free, having a great day on the pastured field. At night, they head back in to settle snug as bugs into their Caravan home. It’s chicken paradise!

We will have our hens follow behind our neighbours cows which he grazes on our property. Our farmer rotates his cows and moves them onto fresh pasture every 3 days, this is called cell grazing and is top of the line regenerative farming practice.

Adding chickens to this system is where soil regeneration and improvement really take off. The chickens follow, three days behind the cows, just when the microorganisms and bugs are waking up and starting to digest the cow manure. The chickens go to town and the feast!! They love the bugs, the cow manure, they scratch around and add their manure to the cycle and the soil. Chicken manure is one of the best soil improvers there is.

The chickens are super happy, scratching, roaming, on fresh pasture, with lots of protein, roaming free - absolutely no fences! Beyond free range chickens! They just don’t go anywhere, because really why would they! They are happy as!

The soil is also super happy, and this is how the regenerative system works. We are going beyond sustainability, we want to do more than sustain the soil, we want to regenerate, and improve it.

We take this one step further, for no other reason than because we can, so why not! Inspired by a regenerative farming video of more than 20 years ago, when Taryn was a backpacker dreaming of a farm! We follow the practice, of digging in a bucketful of worms, once the chickens have mored on we dig these little guys into the soil, and then they go to town on the chicken manure. We are essentially Worm casting our whole property, Step by step!

Trees then come, working in conjunction with Goegraphe Landcare nursery, a volunteer run native seedling nursery, we are planting 1000’s of native trees.

From little things, big thing grow; and we are proud to be part of this big thing called the cosmos!

What came first, the desire to live surrounded by the natural environment; the desire to go good, not harm to nature; the desire to fill our bodies full of health and not pesticides ....the desire to learn, to connect with the earth?  The desire to know where our food comes from, to connect with the seasons, and support thriving local economies?  Food Security. Pesticide awareness?

Its hard to know which came first, but one of the results is our thriving market garden!

Currently supplying fresh produce for to the retreat centre for all our retreats and training, we will add a farm stall over summer, and eventually open up our gardens for orders and a pick your own adventure!

We are learning as we go and we have to thank our beautiful neighbours for all their advice, Stu from Vilcra Regenerative for garden planning and first planting, and our local little secret, Steve Woods from All the Dirt podcast and, at the Margaret River Farmers market, who produces amazing seedlings and got us off to a very very good start!