Our Vision :-)

Our Vision is to change the world through celebration of it.  To create a  heaven on Earth.  We have landed on the most beautiful planet, the Earth we are blessed and to appreciated this existance is why we are here.


Lets celebrate nature, lets celebrate the creative potential of all humans, lets celebrate connection and family of the entire Human race, lets celebrate though food, music, song, dance, love, compassion. 

Its a devine world we live in, so lets creates spaces that teach us how to see this beauty and bliss.

We are creating a space where people contribute in many ways, from cooking group meals, building, farming, making media, healing, gardening, horsemanship, teaching others in many different modality, and many more.  Where we give and receive alongside other beautiful humans

We are re-learning how to live in community with others, we share communal dinners and we create together, and share ideas and wisdom together.

We look forward to having you join us, as we create a thriving organic farm, a space for healing, a space for celebration and community, a place of fun, nature and adventure and tasty food.

Can’t wait to have you along for the ride!