Our Vision / Values

At the root of Mindful Earth, we hold freedom and trust as the core tenets. 

Freedom to express who ever we choose to be, to find our true passions, to find our individuality. We celebrate each other for whoever we desire to become, we encourage each to express to their full potential.  Expression through song, dance, artistic creation, playing music, beautifying spaces, creating spaces, construction, gardening, farming, what ever it may be.  We are all unique, and providing a space for that uniqueness is essential in this world.  We are a Sanctuary that allows and encourages this freedom for all.  We don't judge, we encourage.  

Trust is paramount for all humans living in this world with other humans.  Trust to life, trust that everyone always is doing their best, that our core state is one of love and compassion.  By coming together in trust, we come together as one, as a community, as a collective.  Trust allows us to open up and break away old paradigms of mis-trust.  With trust comes a leaning towards sharing of each others material possession, of allowing others into your spaces, and into your hearts.

The ME Gypsies are encourage to utilise their time at the Sanctuary how they need too, from contributing to making the space more beautiful, to building new and better facilities, planting and maintaining the gardens, tree planting, designing new spaces, or simply coming here to rest and heal.  

We encourage creativity.  We have a stage in the Barn for musicians to express, a Dome Yoga shalla space for all sorts of activities from yoga, breath work, dance, silks, trapeze, arials, what ever you can imagine.  You have the freedom to run workshops, group activities, and outdoor events, a learning center with guest speakers,  What ever you can dream we will help in making those dreams become reality.

We have big dreams for ME Sanctuary, from creating a new paradigm school for children, to a working farm with many varied enterprises; bees, cheese / butter making, pastured grazed chicken eggs, a podcast / media center, sound recording space, a healing center,  a sacred plant botanical garden, herb garden, organic veggy garden, hosting all types of retreats in a variety of spaces, creating spaces for people to rest into nature, a school for education of knowledge and wisdom plus so much more.

ME Sanctuary will become a world class venue for transforming human consciousness, for celebrating this beautiful world, for healing and guiding humans evolution and our society into the New Earth paradigm.

"The world is our Oyster" lets take the opportunity to discover those pearls