ME animals

Taio! Our welcome dog! We say we have a welcome dog, not a guard dog - and it couldn’t be truer than true! Hope you dont mind you legs being used for a lean - thats his way of saying welcome and I love you. 2 years old when we got him from BARC animal rescue, we are not sure who is luckier, him or us! He comes everywhere with us, loves his lookout spot on the front couch and keeps his protective eye over all our little family of animals. We are not sure what breed he is, come and let us know your opinion! We have a running poll! But he sure is gorgeous!

Spirit, the most beautiful horse is staying at our property! 

Pumpkin, Lavender, Rosie and Poppy, these guys are our loving fearless sheep.  They are free rangering around the property.  They love to visit and love to teach humans just how amazing they are.  

Chickens and Ducks

Watch this space!

Jersey cows! We have on our wish list two lovely little jersey cows. To first of all be our pets, and second of all to give us beautiful milk which we will share with their young and then make cheeses and butters from. Taryn’s pretty keen on the boy babies, when they come, to have them castellated and to live a life of a pet on the fields. Watch this space to see how we go with the project of marrying together a life of cows with the life of a 20 year vegetarian!

On our list are also

* lamas

* alpacas

* rescue wildlife

* ponies and miniature horses

* more chickens

Have you more suggestions?! We are certainly open to them!