ME Manifesto - the Dreaming - June23

ME Dreaming - A manifesto for the ME Sanctuary. (the dream continues to expand.  I will update with the latest ASAP)

Check out our live stream - @ thelighthouse with Boh - how to change the world edition on Youtube at our channel  - Mindful Earth Sanctuary 

Where we dream and talk about the future New Earth we are here to create.

We are creating a space for all to celebrate life.  We are creating a space for us to connect again, for us to commune together in harmony, for us to heal and rise. 

We bring the human family together again.  We remember our past ways of living together in joy, creativity, openness.

The Sanctuary will be a home not a house, a home where love is found under every book and sitting in every chair, with every food served and with every smile.

We the community, are gardeners, builders, dreamers, artistic creators, beautifiers, tradies, designers, IT, elders, teachers, nurses.  We are all ages, all types, all energies.  We are the whole range of our current society.   We are seeking a family, a family that offers so much more. Our 37 acres will be a place of circusry, wonder, awe.  A place of beauty, connection to nature, peacefulness, joyfulness.

Building Spaces

We will build the most amazing spaces, space to celebrate the wonders of our cultures, the wonders of human existence, to show just how amazing our human bodies are, to experience the wondrous 5 senses. To elevate our consciousness, to rocket it higher and faster than before.  To celebrate the amazing musical talents, to celebrate the majestic dances, to celebrate song, to celebrate the wondrous uniqueness of all of us.

  • The concept is, we create ME as many spaces, many types of centers, a quite space, a library, meditation halls / spaces, from 1 person overlooking the ridge, to spaces for large gatherings.  
  • All spaces are designed for function, beauty, wow, awe factor, transformation spaces, using all the past and current wisdom and knowledge.
  • We envisage an amphitheatre, built for the best sound in the world, a venue for 1000 people, a beautiful modern but old design, magnificent beauty. A place to dance and celebrate.
  • We will build a majestic bath house with hot pools, saunas, massage areas, communal / meeting space. Like to bath houses of old.
  • A horse farm and stable. We teach and learn to reconnect to these magnicificient creatures at a heart level.  We trail ride, over night camps with horses and a breeding program as we would love to breed that elusive unicorn :-)
  • Entertainment / Healing spaces, circular in shape, incorporating water features and acoustically designed structure for the best impact on the human experience, varying sizes to accommodate varying group sizes.
  • A productive community of entrepreneurs, creating and living their passions, creating their dreams.  We have built playshop / studios with spaces for all to create. Spaces to mix with other creatives, inspiring each other and energising each other.  The Building will utilise 2nd hand materials,be designed in a similiar manner to the Barn.
  • We have playshops / studios with all the available manufacturing technologies, old and new, metal, wood, plastic, 3d printing. A blacksmith, a baker, a candle stick maker.
  • The farm produces as many products that we require for the Sanctuary and surrounding areas.  Food, Building products, Nurseries, Crops, aquaponics, vertical agriculture
  • We have a central kitchen and dining space for communal meals, cafe’s and restaurants offering the finest foods on Earth, all using food produced from the property and surrounding area.
  • We create a central hub of creative production, our community neighbours produce and create.  The hub moves outwards and the creative expressions move outwards. More creative people come to the area and the region grows into an expressive hub of WA, then the world. 
  • A temple of Dance, we create the most beautiful dance floor and best sounds space in the world.  A temple to find the union with the devine through Dance, the sacred dance of the soul.  On another special property we will allow the louder festivals, a sacred space that's dedicated to festivals and events far enough away from the neighbours.
  • We have minimal internal fences at the property, only ones for keeping the animals out.  The animals free range, they are our friends and we interact with them allowing us to connect on a more een level.  this connection between animal and human is a very powerful force for healing, for deeper spiritual connection to nature.   We have Alpacas, Cows, peacocks, chickens, dogs, cats and horses plus many more i am sure.  
  • Health centers utilising the latest methods for purifying the body and mind. With professionals trained in their respective fields. A world class facility.
  • An Education center for sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.  Wisdom transferal, data center, group debates, discussions, library
  • Seed bank to gather all the heirloom seeds from around the world. (underground).
  • Theatres / Movies / plays - a world leading , mind blowing space.
  • A School for ages 1-100, teaching the essential for raising consciousness, opening the heart and worshipping Nature and the Devine. Beautiful space to open minds and bodies
  • Accommodation : the most practical and best
  • Elderly Hospice for those close to death, we provide the love and support these beings need to move over to the other side, to comfort and align them for the journey ahead.
  • Amenities, the most beautiful incorporating nature and the outdoors.
  • Playgrounds for adults and kids, both outdoors and indoors. Flying foxes, outdoor sounds labs, 5 sense parks, skate parks,....
  • Swimming pool area. A natural swimming pool - connection with nature and the surrounds.
  • Sacred garden, growing the most sacred and healing plants around the world, both in a green house and outside, we create an educational space for people to connect with these divine plants.  We build a nursery for propagation of all relevant species needed by ME.
  • Research center, for looking into really cools stuff
  • Personnel Communication center : how to communicate better with each other, implementing systems for the function of the organism efficiency and effectively.
  • We utilise Starlink system to allow for direct communication to the outside world.


Bicycles and feet are the primary method around the Sanctuary. Electric carts for moving materials around property. Cars are parked at front gate car park.

Resource Management and Energy Systems

To become fully self sustainable is the goal. 

  • Energy production is with Solar and wind (Karridale is windy) with diesel (veggie oil) backup. We produce enough power to ME and the surrounding Area. We utilise electric vehicles for transport, diesel for heavy machinery. We are a charging station for visitors staying here and also passing through. We have battery storage and other ways (new tech) types of storage.
  • Water catchment system : its rains 5-6 months of the year average 1000ml, we designed channels and road surfaces to capture this run off, and directs in to dams that we sculpt. Dams are also for swimming and cooling off. We catch enough water required for the Farm operations.  We also have access to a 90Ml dam of the neighbours, who supply water when requested for a fee.
  • We plant fast growing tree plantations to provide timber for wood burning for heat and creating bio char.
  • Bio gas production for producing methane for cooking and how water production.
  • Solar hot water systems and wet back systems connected to fireplaces to heat water.
  • Sewage latest eco options, utilise human poo for compost
  • Worm Farm and compost production

Connecting with the outside world

 Utilise Starlink system to allow for direct communication to the outside world. 

Currency / Bartering System

Energy / currency transfer methods, utilise our crypto coin (tao coin) for transfer of energies of service and production, our coin is used to transfer funds from ME to the outside world, it is used as an investment tool to raise funds to continue building the ME dream. Bartering is also an essential part of ME along with our crypto coin.  Blockchain will be developed in house, and setup to operate even during worldwide internet outages.

Crypto coin exchange is controlled by the ME peoples, short selling and other methods will not be allowed. (not an expert on this, but making sure the coin can not be manipulated on the world market, it will be bullet proof to attack).  

How do we manage and coordinate the Community with the aim to achieve a high functioning, efficient, minimal intervention.

The Systems for running this organism is being developed as we speak, we had an amazing last summer in which we experimented with a number of ways to manage the community, its been fascinating and a great learning experience.  I feel by doing it, is the only way, so as we learn, we grow toward a system that allows for freedom, love and connection.

We can also look into our past, to learn what worked and what didn't.  We look at the past to understand the structures of the tribes of the past and how they managed the flow / community / tribe.  We have been living like this, in community, longer than we have been living the current structure, so there is a lot we can re-learn. 

We can utilise modern and past technologies to create a system that works to its maximum efficiency without too much interference.

Currently the structure is centred around circles.

Each circle offer a particular type of play, type of creative energy, the gypsies choose which circle they want to play in. Gypsies are free to move between circles, or even be in more than one.  They can do what they like, some may not even join a circle. We have an elected leader, who manages the circles of gypsies.  All participates having an equal say.

A larger circle which connects to all the 12 circles has 12 chosen members of the community. A circle of conscious beings with joy in their hearts.

We currently have 12 circles - Expansion, Manifesting, Celebration, Healing, Abundance, Light Blazing, Creation, Wellbeing, Wisdom, Guidance

We become a place of transformation, for the wonders living here, to the beauties coming and going, they all heal and rise together finding their passions for creating, for expressing and relating.

As we move towards these dreams, and as we accomplish goals on the path there, our horizons of possibilities become larger,  we will continue to update this manifesto as we go, as we dream bigger and bigger. 

How do you want to dream with us?