Farm Friends


Ginger and Stripy, two of the cuddliest little kittens you’ve probably met. These brothers were rescued from the Cat Haven in Subiaco and have been capturing hearts and been our prominent instagram stars from the beginning.

The 40 chickens that make up our flock of ladies are all rescue chickens that were once upon their life, not having such a good life. They came to us a little shy and a little short of feathers - but they now have it so good and are so comfortable with humans that they will run to the car to greet you when you pull up - yes all 30 of them! Kids (and adults!) can hand feed them, pick them up and forage for their eggs. Brett and his daughter have developed a real affinity for them and watch them endless as they forage for food, dig around the gardens and join in on tree planting excursions. They also enjoy a quick run into the front door to get their heads into the dogs food if they can! They are really beautiful to watch around the land.

Pumpkin, Lavander and Molly are new additions to the family! Little doorper lambs. Currently being bottle feed, this guy and girl are a little shy, but if the other animals are anything to go by, within a few weeks of farm life they will be jumping on laps. They are already jumping onto the sofa (!) and running to greet our car when we return from an outside adventure. Little lavender loves to sleep in her cardboard box, and Pumpkin on the door mat. They are already fast friends with the Chicken Littles, Taio the dog, and Ginger and Stripy!


Taio! Our welcome dog! We say we have a welcome dog, not a guard dog - and it couldn’t be truer than true! Hope you dont mind you legs being used for a lean - thats his way of saying welcome and I love you. 2 years old when we got him from BARC animal rescue, we are not sure who is luckier, him or us! He comes everywhere with us, loves his lookout spot on the front couch and keeps his protective eye over all our little family of animals. We are not sure what breed he is, come and let us know your opinion! We have a running poll! But he sure is gorgeous!

Sunny and Ali! Our neighbours two beautiful horses! These guys are a great addition to our little tribe, they come up to the house to nibble on the hay, they snifff noses with Taio the dog and the kitty cats. We love to see our inspirational 17 year old neighbour galloping bareback across the fields on these beauties. Sunny is a rescued ex race horse, who is now living the very good retirement life!

Watch this space!

Jersey cows! We have on our wish list two lovely little jersey cows. To first of all be our pets, and second of all to give us beautiful milk which we will share with their young and then make cheeses and butters from. Taryn’s pretty keen on the boy babies, when they come, to have them castellated and to live a life of a pet on the fields. Watch this space to see how we go with the project of marrying together a life of cows with the life of a 20 year vegetarian!

On our list are also

* pigs - little ones if we can

 * a goat, if we can persuade ourselves they wont eat the veggi garden

* lamas

* alpacas

* rescue wildlife

* ponies and miniature horses

* more chickens

Have you more suggestions?! We are certainly open to them!