Manifesting a New Earth - 3rd December

It’s time to make a New Earth a reality. Come join us at Mindful Earth for a weekend to join together to visualise and create the New Earth. We will spend the days and night playing out our new world. Community, Connection, Creation is our Mantra. We aim to spend the time in joy and fun, sharing and caring and embracing the nature and beauty of this Earth.

Mindful Earth Farm is 37 acres of beautiful farm land on top of a small hill in Karridale. 7km from Boronup Forest (a majestic Oceanside Karri Forest. 4km from Hamelin Bay, and 10km from the pristine Blackwood river. We are surrounded by water, and surrounded by forests, the area has a wonderful healthy fresh pure energy. The pristine nature of the area along with being at the south west tip of Australia make for a perfect place to begin the manifesting of this new Earth.

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We have spent the last 6 months building a big Barn and a dome shalla which will act as our spaces for connecting, creating and community. We share in communal cooking, cleaning, building, collecting, singing, dancing and much more. We embrace each other’s individuality, encouraging us to find our true nature and being. The aim is a high vibe blissful, fun weekend. We will explore the area with some hiking and walking of some pristine nature scapes, swimmming / dipping, and some yoga, stretching and sunsets. Our 1/2 human 1/2 animals are part of the experience with our 4 Sheep and 3 cats and 1 dog will definitely join you in the barn for a cuddle.

A New Earth is a concept many of us have been talking about for a long time, its time to put it into practise. The first baby step needs to be taken, that baby step will help us to make those big steps towards our goal of creating that beautiful New Earth.

But, 1st, what is a New Earth.....that is something we also have to work out. My initial thoughts are focusing on energies based around Love, Kindness, inner and outer strength and power, creativity, sharing, technology, community, individuality, choice, freedom, raising consciousness, growth, compassion, holistic methods and magic.

Baby steps, lets learn together and formulate a method. Lets meet those who are seeking the same thing. Lets bring a collective energy together, lets create an energy field and space that helps manifests this New Earth. I am excited and amazed that we have reached this point at Mindful Earth farm and now we have this have this opportunity to host you all. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you all soon.

Maximum 30 people. Bring your own camping gear or van, any fun, bring along your creatives talents to share with us all.

All ages welcome

Schedule (will flow with the weather, the vibe and the stars - so can change at any moment :-) - below schedule is from first Manifesting weekend.

Friday 3rd December

1-5pm - Arrive and set up camp, settle in, explore the area.
5-7pm - Dinner Preps
7-8pm - Dinner
8-9pm - Music / Camp Fire.

Saturday 4th December

8:30 - 9:30am - Breakfast and Connection
9:30- 12pm - Opening Circle at Hamelin Bay
12 - 2pm - Lunch preps and lunch
2 - 4pm - Relax
4-6pm - Dinner Preps
6-7pm - Dinner
7 - 10pm - Ceremony and Ecstatic dance

Sunday 5th December

8am - 10am - Breakfast and connection
10am-12pm - Group Workshops
12pm- 2pm - Lunch preps and lunch
2pm - 5pm - more group workshops
4-6pm - Dinner Preps
6-7pm - Dinner
7pm - 10pm - Chill / Bonfire / dance / Laugh

Option to leave Sunday or Monday.

We are always looking for volunteers all summer long to help with construction projects / gardening / retreats. So please let us know if you would like to help :-)

Cost $60 dollars.

Please bring a plate of food to share that really nourishes you, we will have a table of nourishment the first night for us all to gift nourishment and be nourished by others gifts. For the weekend please bring plant based food ingredients and we will prepare and cook all meals together.

Bring your skills to co-create workshops and our weekend 

Optional Donation : to create spaces and events for the NE to unfold. Funds will be used at Mindful Earth Farm to create better spaces, better facilities, better events, better fun stuff, better, higher, bigger we go.

You Host :

Boh Morel : A truth and wisdom seeker, a avid explorer of this existence. Open minded and big hearted. I also have intense desire to change this world, to make this world one full of joy, love and excstasy. Check out my FB / IG / TT : fingerprintingtothemoon for my observations on this existence.

Heaven is all the way to Heaven, did he not say - Rajneesh (so lets make the journey to heaven a heavenly one - Boh)

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