Fly High Deep Dive Retreat - 21st Jan

Fly high Deep dive is a 2 NIGHT & 3 DAY RETREAT to deepen into our body and spirit language, to reconnect with the inner voice and primal senses.

with Julieta Mastrapasqua , Laura Briones, Mariano Santiago, Manu Alonso, Amoura, Carla Arancibia,
Boh Morrell, Taryn McDonald
Fri 21 January (4pm) - Sun 23 January (4.30pm)
 What to Expect

This is an invitation to freely express, tribally awaken souls and bodies throughout dance, MUSIC, movement, play, CONNECTION, nature and COMMUNITY in our new Dome!

We will gather at the Mindful Earth Farm in Karridale immersing into movement spaces, with soulful facilitators who will offer their knowledge focusing on mindful growth and joy, making use of art as the main tool.

Bnging together local and Latin facilitators, nature and nourishing handmade food for a gathering of reaching out, reaching in, awakening hips, and unleashing the body temple.


 Workshops & Sessions

  • Latin Rythms awakening
  • Flow yoga
  • ACRO PLAYGROUND. Low and high acro
  • Mindful Movement LAB
  • Transformative journey through singing and dancing
  • Fly low dance exploration
  • Ocean plunge
  • Handstands workshop
  • Circus performance
  • Community spaces
  • Connetion Rituals
  • And more.

  Workshops & Facilitators

The Fire Wolf Mariano Santiago 

BIO: Mariano “The FireWolf'' is a dreamer. Raised in a business minded family, started his artistic career in Argentina, entertaining people in parties and festivals, working for an artistic company called Danza Napeli, while managing his family business back in 2013. He developed a passion for Latin rhythms, which took him on a journey to follow the crazy dream of dancing in Cali, Colombia the “capital of salsa”, leaving his family business and everything behind. Two years of hard work resulted in a 2nd place on Salsa Cabaret (acrobatic) in the World Salsa Championship 2015 with the company “Stilo y Sabor'' and being a main dancer of the Cali Salsa festival, a cultural parade of over 1200 dancers, musicians and over 200.000 spectators from all over the world. His journey continued with performances and training back in South America, where Bachata Sensual got his attention, moving then to Europe for further training in 2017 with his dancing partner. He discovered acro yoga in a festival in Spain, and has been training since then through his travels around the world. Mariano spent 7 months living in India, got his RYT 200 In Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh, and lived with a Tibetan Buddhist community up in the Himalayas, studying meditation and Buddhist practices. Arriving in Australia in January 2020, he started performing with Fire, acro and dancing all together and this has been his life ever since.

His vision is to explore the capabilities of creation that we have as human beings, connecting to a universal source of inspiration, moment to moment, igniting the fire within, where everything is possible.

WORKSHOP: Conscious hand balance, Latin rhythms & Acroyoga 


Wacha Wings Julieta Mastrapasqua

BIO: I am Julieta (80% Argentinean and 20% Italian) My roots are Latin-American so that is the language that my body and soul speaks. I am a world trotter who has been travelling for the last 10 years through the five continents.

I have been practising Aerial Acrobatics for 14 years and Latin style Dance since I was born, 31 years ago. 

Some time ago I felt a clear necessity to combine these two beautiful disciplines in my professional project as both represent me fully. Latin style Aerial Dance is the closest definition of the art I want to share with the community. 

When performing I embrace the wilderness and sovereignty innate to all women as a reclamation of the feminine wisdom that we should have never been abandoned.

Moving my body is the sincerest way I find to express my most intimate emotions.  I hope to share the joy I experience when floating on the floor.


WORKSHOP: Aerial acro session & Latin Rhythms

When teaching Aerial Acrobatics and Latin style Dance I find great satisfaction as well as it keeps our bodies active while having fun and developing our creative side. Furthermore, the classes have the aim to strengthen the student's self-confidence by opening our physical boundaries to new experiences which can mean a deep and empowering therapy. It is a discipline that can be taught from multiple approaches, so it suits any age and sportive background.

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Manuel Alonso

BIO: Hi there, I'm Manü. I see myself as an explorer, adventurer, traveller by soul and lover of connecting from the similarities within the contrasts.

Born and raised in Argentina, I first studied business there while working in the family one until I decided to go for my personal path. Studied Physical Education which opened a new world of perspectives, priorities and brought a new realm of empathy into my life. During that time, I began taking dance lessons and practicing yoga which led me to reconnecting with my true self.

Working experience ranged from schools, clubs, social assistance centres, aged care centres, yoga teaching and the fitness world to hospitality, peddling, street performing, construction, farming or anything to keep me on the road. 

I came to Australia 3 years ago where I was lucky enough to start getting back into the movement world. First in the east coast in Noosa Heads and now in the lower South West, been facilitating yoga, massage therapies, mobility conditioning, guided meditations and the movement lab.

Sharing experiences, learning, playing, and connecting in the simple things feels like a vitality injection which brought me back into my passion. 

After years of working with education, fitness, and mobility, I wanted to try something different. So, I got myself into circus, animal flow, neurobics, meditation techniques and breathwork, which led me to a back to basics movement approach. All this motivated me to "launch my own program" and now I'm thrilled to be sharing it around.


The movement lab started as an invitation to explore the different planes of motion, the deconstruction of "socially awkward or unacceptable patterns", being comfortable in the discomfort and the expression of emotions through movement and play.

The idea is to bring back joy and reconnect with our feelings through games, improvisation, rhythm, creating and sharing with others.

There is no right and wrong, up and down, big and small or winners and losers here. There is only surrender and the true outcome of our inner selves.

The idea of the lab is for you to discover, find, create your own formula, explore it and share it for further expansion.

My main motivation is horizontalizing human beings as I feel it is within our differences that we shall unite.

It is a pleasure and honour to be part of this awakening journey.

Hope to see you there!

Soar your soul!

Laura Briones

BIO: With extensive experience in leading community chanting, singing circles and choirs conducting, Maria provides singing and dance workshops for all ages, initiating women, men, and children on the journey through a personal quest for body and vocal knowledge. She has studied music theory at the conservatory of her hometown, and has finished her university studies as a composer and music teacher at the National University of La Plata, Argentina. She has dedicated her last 15 years to studying and learning world vocal music with potential for healing. Under the concept that we can all sing, her passion for music and singing has pushed her to share her knowledge with everyone.

WORKSHOP: Transformative journey through singing and dancing



Amoura Trained Belly Dance in Egypt. She will be taking you into a fun class to explore props like Isis wings, veils and Zills


Carla Arancibia

Originally Argentinian/Peruvian and since 3 years ago proud to call Margaret River my home. I first began dancing at the age of five and throughout the years I enrolled in different physical activities such as gymnastics, Thai Chi and swimming. Later on, I started a career as a dancer studying contemporary dance in university. Dance lead me down the path of Yoga which has been an important part of my life style since 2009, later on I discovered surfing and since then it has being my biggest passion in life. As well as being a qualified Yoga teacher I am a massage therapist.
I’m passionate about movement and body and mind health

Mindful Earth’s creative plant-based chefs help you appreciate the joy of eating with mindfulness and presence. Where possible your meals are sourced from the neighbouring regenerative Mindful Earth Farm, so that from seed to table you are nourished by what is cooked and grown with genuine love and care. Special dietary requests can be made on our Registration Form, which is sent when you book.
 Bookings and Accommodation
Unlimited camping space is available (bring your own tent/caravan) and campers
For those wishing to Glamp it in style: our King Belle tents are available for an extra $80 / night
Booking options (all prices will GST added on top of the ticket price)
1. Per Person all inclusive: $260
- 2 nights at the Mindful Earth Farm and Retreat Centre
- Camp site
- All workshops and activity sessions
- Fully catered, Fri evening through to Sun afternoon
2.  Belle Tent Upgrade: $80 / night
- Sleeps up to 2 people
- Luxury King bed
- Private Belle tent
 Cancellation policy
Sometimes plans change unexpectedly.  Whilst we understand this is often out of our control, we’d like to clearly share with you our cancellation requirements.  Please note that upon booking, you enter into a shared agreement which includes the following cancellation policy.  We welcome discussion and encourage participants to contact us prior to booking for clarity and understanding.  
✮ Cancellations are non-refundable.
 Bookings may be transferred to another person if you are unable to attend.
 If the retreat is cancelled by the organisers (e.g. due to Covid regional border closures or insufficient numbers) all payments are 100% refundable. 
For the health, safety and peace of mind of all participants, we request that you stay home in the event that you are unwell over the weekend.  In this case, the training fee component of your payment (excluding cost of accommodation and food) will be refunded.   
 And finally
Juliette, Manu, Mariano, Laura, Amoura, Carla, Boh, Taryn and the Mindful Earth team look forward to supporting you in a warm and safe environment. 
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send a message to
Julietta +61 416 881 468.  We will get back to you as soon as possible! 
“Out beyond idea of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there.”