ME Story

The sanctuary is situated in Karridale, WA, 20 minutes south of Margaret River.  Its 37 acres (15 Hectares) of pastured land with a few stands of trees.  It position on a slight hill offers views of the surrounding ridge, with the ocean only 6km away, we can sometime hear the ocean at night.  It was purchased in 2016 and the dreaming started to expand :-)  We had to build a place to stay, the Farm House.

We are an off grid property, utilising Solar and soon to be wind, we have battery backup for the nights times (more batteries needed), generator back up when batteries run low new generator organised).  

We began to use volenteers just before the Covid began, and had 10 beautiful souls staying with us when the lock downs began.  They stayed for the next few months and we kept busy building the veggy garden, a grey water system for the house, a chicken coup, and compost toilet. It was the start of the ME Sanctuary.  We built the Barn through 2021, finishing it by the end of winter, in time for what has turned out to be an amazing summer in which ME grew in many exciting ways.  The Barn space, communal space allowed for the volunteers to have their own chill / hangout space this totally changed the whole vibe of being at the Sanctuary.

We had such beautiful creatives staying with us over summer, the vibe was high and the love was real.  Many connections and relationships where born.

The story above is not complete, but i will keep at it when time allows, to write the complete journey, but for now thats all you get.

Its been a all amazing adventures are :-) if you want to know more, we can chat around a fire one day.....but we got to this point, and that is totally fricken amazing.  Now our dreams continue to expand as more and more milestones become reality.

Our plans for the land, are to regenerate it back to some form of its former glory, with stands of forest and super productive soils full of fungi and bacteria.  To create amazing beautiful spaces for all to enjoy.  A working farm, a school, healing centers, retreat center spaces, an equestrian center, natural swimming pool, water catchment and dams, adult/ childrens play grounds and lots of fun stuff, knowledge center for talks and discussions, library, movie theatre, sound recording studio, podcasting center and so much more.

We will be creating a foundation (not for profit? if you know how to do this, your help is appreciated) and donating the property to the people of the Earth (looking into how to do this).   There is no limits to the possibilities and potentials of ME sanctuary in showing what is possible when we come together in love, trust and freedom.