Family Retreat

Passionate about sustainability and the next generation, and passionate about self care and a life more lived and loved.

We have combined these two to concepts to creat our signature family retreat weekend.

The weekend will unfold as follows.

Friday night, you arrive, set up your tent, the kids run off to join in the welcome games and meet the other kiddies.

You head over to the main house for dinner, in the art of keeping things simple we have the Barbie going, and it is chocked full of farm fresh goodies; we’ve also prepared organic salads straight from the garden. There’ll be something for everyone, from simple BBQ and farm fare, to a weekend of organic and healthy eating if thats what your body and soul is craving!

The next morning, the Parent who has organised this weekend trip (ie the organiser in need of a darn good break!) Heads off bright and early to the forest retreat homestead where will will meet with all the other family organisers and indulge in a half day of pampering activities all designed around self care, wellness, recharge and connection.

Your brain can switch off, your kids and partner are in good hands back at the farm. They will be busy making pancakes for breakfast; then they will have all manner of farm chores to do, feeing the animals, collecting the eggs, composting, planting, harvesting, and getting to work on making their very own family group weekend project. 

Meanwhile back at the homestead, our lovely organiser (you!) is indulging in a wellness weekend with other childrenless parents! A morning green juice or detox tea awaits, we’ll start with a gentle yoga class designed to drop everyone into a space of relaxation and connection. A healthy vibrant breakfast will follow, with a superfood wellness workshop. We will then indulge in making our own organic facials as we sit back and soak up the peace, quite and magnificence of the forest. We’ll go for a relaxing forest walk, and hold a sharing circle with indulgent raw chocolates (all approved as part of our detox menu!) and connect with other parents.  

You’ll arrive back to the farm to see your family with full bellies having enjoyed making their own pasta for a fresh twist on this people please it meal!

The afternoon is then free for the whole family, to stay and explore at the farm, go on a fishing trip to nearby secret spots; go swimming, rock hopping, exploring at all the magnificent beaches within a 10 minute drive of the Farm.

The organiser can join in with the family for an afternoon of enjoying the south west, rest at the farm, or indulge in more wellness as the retreat homestead will be available all day for exclusive use for that parent. There is the option of massage, private yoga or wellness class, bush walks, or simply just some down time to read, relax and connect with other parents in a child free environment knowing that everyone is having a good time and is well looked after - and other than book the weekend you haven’t had to do a thing!

The evening starts at 5 and will have the kids making their own pizzas and popcorn to enjoy at our outdoor farm style cinema! You’re welcome to join in on the activities, take some time our for you, chat with the other parents, or head off for a romantic dinner just the two of you (with the caviat that your dinner curfew is movie time finishing, 8.30 - but hey as a parent you take what you can get some times right!)

The next morning is a chance for organiser to head off again for another indulgent morning program of herbal teas, yoga and indulgence. Our little farmers will know the routine this morning and be more excited about putting to practice their new found skills of feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, and will have time to finish their family project.

We’ll all share one more farm home made meal yoghurt, the little farmers will receive their farmer graduation certificates and we’ll wrap up at 1, leaving enough time for the families to enjoy one last margs based activity on what way back home (a stop at the chocolate shop or a swim at the local beach are what our family enjoys!)

On long weekend, or during the holidays we have this program running for multiple days and families are welcome to join in at anytime for a minimum of 2 days to get into a routine and ethyl, to get to know the other families and most importantly for the organiser to get some RnR.

Multiple families are welcome to come and share parents if there is a single parent household or one parent isn’t able to make it. Alternatively contact us and we can let you know if we can provide the caregiver for the mornings while you indulge!

All our activity organisors and caregivers have their police clearance and working with children certifications!