We have a many dreams and many projects we are making a reality at ME. Each new project is to improve the faciltities and to create new spaces for all to enjoy.

Any contribution you can make to help make these projects happen are highly appreciated.  

 Current projects

- Podcast / Live streaming equipment, we are seeking a few audio cables, 5 microphones designed for live streaming through H8 recorder, 2 web cams, lighting.

- Upgrade the Offgrid power system.

                  -- Generator - diesel w/ auto start -- $2,500

                  -- Battery upgrade - 12v x 4 190AH - Lithium batteries - $4,000

                  -- Wind turbine - $2500 

- Build toilet and shower facilities to meet Council Requirements

                   -- Design and Build a toilet block with septic - $8,000

- Meeting Council requirements for current buildings and obtaining approvals.

- New Kitchen, extend the Barn living space by moving the kitchen into its own building next to the Barn. Pizza oven, service space, landscape between Barn and Kitchen to create outdoor chill, eating space.  This allows us to open up the Barn as a larger lounge space and move the food prep and dining into a designated area.

- Upgrade Barn - install roller doors on North facing wall, allowing for opening up barn into the forest, Kitchen will be incorporated to allow access and create outdoor dining / entertainment space.

- Playshop / Studio, create a space for creators to create, fill the space with all the tools to help with these creations. Looking to be 30m x 10m when finished.

- Bathhouse - Sauna / ice baths / fire baths  / massage space / sweat lodge.

- Extend House to allow for a green house yoga shalla (Shouse will be a retreat space for hire for groups between 5 and 25 peeps)

- The ME Farm would love a couple of Jersey cows for milking, a couple of Alpacas, lots of horses.  There is so much healing for us humans when interacting with animals that have little fear.  We seek to make the ME a animal sanctuary of beautiful animals that love humans, and humans love them.

- A Stable for the farm animals, storage of feed, equipment etc.

- Dam / Soak building, road and ditch sculpting for rain catchment. Build 2 soaks and 1 well (30ft deep well)

You can donate through Patreon or Paypal, any amount is greeted with gratitude and love.

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 I suggest if you havent already, come and visit our beauitful property, that will be the best way for you to experience the dream and meet Boh and the Gypsies.

Thankyou and may you have a beautiful amazing wonder filled day -  Boh.