The "Light house"  is our podcasting, live streaming studio in the Barn. 

We just received our star link high speed connection and we will be live streaming at the Barn soon.  A live station where we commune and share and interact with the world.

You can also find a few ways Boh is sharing his thoughts to the world :-) 

Instagram Page - finger_pointing_to_the_moon 

TikTok - finger pointing to the moon

Youtube - finger pointing to the moon

Podcast - the Boh Sho

Talking to people is what we love to do.  The power of sitting with amazing, beautiful people and chatting, gossiping, downloading wisdom, its such a pleasurable and enlightening experience.  To connect without distraction, where we simply listen and share, this is the power of podcasting.  

We have a Patreon Page if you would like to help ME Sanctuary expand by donating funds or equipment or your time and skills.